Monday, January 5, 2015

MTC Day 1

What a place this is; hundreds of young missionaries, dozens of senior missionaries, organization everywhere.  Checking in was well-organized. Food services is well-organized; training and orientation - seamless.  It seems like the church has done this a few times.  Oh, I guess they have.

The first day in the MTC is over and things went real well.  The people are all real nice and very genuine.  They like what they are doing and it shows in how they teach and organize.  We have met many people our age who are beginning a mission (mostly 18 months).  About 1/3 of the senior couples here are serving from their homes in stake missions.  We have spent extra time with a couple going to North Carolina near where Blake is living.  There are also two couples going to the Philippines.  One of those couples will be living in Quezon City in a medical advisory capacity with a focus on mental health issues.  The other couple is going to an island called Elo Elo, I think.  We have met people from Arizona with whom we had common friends, people who graduated from Skyline in 1970, retired teachers, others who have cabins in Island Park.  It really is a small world and the Gospel shrinks it even further. 

We are getting ready to go exercise, then early to be so we can rise early.  For tomorrow, we are to study from the Preach My Gospel manual , My role as a Missionary and The Restoration.  We will spend tomorrow studying those two chapters and spend some time practicing teaching.  Sounds like fun. 

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